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Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio were released today and messages of joy and congratulations are streaming in from all over the world.  They are finally back in their homeland with their families and the people of Cuba. Today they received the much waited embrace from Rene and Fernando after so many years of unjust imprisonment.
Today we are reminded more than ever what Fidel said in June 2001..."The Five are a quintet of giants... I only say one thing, they will return!" 
This day is a triumph of truth and the fruit of the heroic resistance of each of them, of the Government of Cuba, of the Cuban people and the international solidarity movement.
Not only has 16 years of imprisonment ended but their release opens the real possibility of initiating a new era in U.S. Cuba relations. The solution today was arrived at with the mediation of Pope Francisco and the political will of both governments.
As today's release was happening a letter put together by the European Coordination of the Free the Five Campaign, the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 in the Arab World and the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 was in its final preparations calling for Obama to allow the remaining 3 to return to Cuba to be with their families for the holidays. 
The letter is signed by well-known men and women from all over the world including 9 Nobel laureates, the President of El Salvador Salvador Sánchez Cerén together with parliamentarians, religious and labor leaders, lawyers, intellectuals and actors and more. (See the letter).
Fortunately this is the first time, in this long battle that has spanned 16 years, that it is not necessary to send a letter of this kind but we are sending it along to you as part of the testimony and beauty that the international solidarity movement has with the Cuban 5. 
We embrace all the committees and friends of the Five who in unity fought tirelessly through all these years.
Our work is not over and we urge everyone to channel all that energy that was used to push for the release of the Cuban 5 into the effort to end the genocidal blockade against Cuba in its entirety. We must remain united to continue in our quest for a better world filled with dignity and justice.
We embrace you all with joy and love on this historic day,
International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5
To learn more about the Cuban 5 visit: www.thecuban5.org

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キューバ議長談話: 「五人」は既にキューバに戻った。















































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Retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson Sends Letter to Obama in Support of the Five 



Lawrence Wilkerson is Distinguished Visiting Professor of Government and Public Policy at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. 

His last position in government was chief of staff to Colin Powell at the U.S. Department of State (2002-2005).  He served 31 years in the US Army (1966-1998). 


November 5, 2014

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20500

Dear Mr. President,


     It is time to correct an injustice that is in your power to amend. This injustice mars majorly the American system of justice, the U.S. record on human rights and, as importantly, the lives of five men whose dedication to the security of their own country against terrorist attack should be admired and respected, not punished. No doubt you have heard of these men: Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón Labaniño Salazar, Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez, Fernando González Llort, and Rene González Sehwerert. The world knows them as The Cuban Five.


     Two of these men are today out of prison, two more might be out in the far future, and one might never see the dawn of a free day.  This latter individual, Gerardo Hernández, I tried to visit-unsuccessfully-in the maximum security prison in Victorville, California.  Though I was unable to visit him, a true and trusted colleague who accompanied me, the late Saul Landau, was able to do so and reported to me that Gerardo remains as courageous and undaunted as ever yet still puzzled over the failure to act of what is supposed to be the world's greatest democracy.


     The Cuban Five suffered a gross injustice when they were arrested in 1998. After their arrests they spent 17 months in solitary confinement. Their trial took place in Miami, Florida and in 2001 they were sentenced to long prison terms. At a legal minimum, the trial through which they suffered in Miami should have been moved to another location, as change-of-venue arguments alone were not only persuasive they were overwhelming, testified to amply when the appeals court in Atlanta, voting in a three-judge panel, supported a change of venue. Later, however, this decision was reversed when the political power of George W. Bush's administration-an administration in which I served-compelled the court, voting in its entirety to reconsider the three-judge panel's decision and vote differently; they ratified the sentences of two of them, and the case of the other three were sent back to the court in Miami for re-sentencing. The court recognized that the guide of sentencing were wrongly applied and as a result reduced their prison terms.


     But there is more, much more. In fact, there is the now-indisputable fact that the five were not guilty of the substantive charges brought against them in the first place. The politics surrounding the trial were in the hands of hard-line Cuban-Americans in Florida, as well as in the US Congress. Without their blatant interference with the course of justice, the trial never would have taken place. Moreover, these people spent taxpayer dollars to enlist journalists in Miami to write condemnatory articles, to influence the jury pool for the trial, and to predispose public opinion to a guilty verdict. This trial was a political payoff to hard-line Cuban-Americans and every person in the United States and across the world who pays attention to these matters, knows it. Indeed, you know it, Mr. President. This kangaroo-court trial is a blemish on the very fabric of America's democracy. It sends a clear signal to all the world-who judge us not as we judge ourselves, by how we feel about issues, but by our deeds.


     You, Mr. President, cannot erase this blemish; it has lingered too long and too many years have been stolen from these men's lives by it.  But you can mitigate it, you can make it less formidable. And, vitally, you can clean the reputation of our justice system, and, in the case of Gerardo and the other two men still in prison, you can free them.


     The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions, in May of 2005, declared the imprisonment of the Cuban Five to be a violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, placing the United States alongside some of the most heinous countries on earth. The Working Group requested that the U.S. take action to remedy the situation. You, Mr. President, can do just that.


     Mr. President, you said that "we need to look forward as opposed to looking backwards." But in certain instances, that is wrong and you know it. Would you have us not look back to our Civil War? To the depredations of Black slavery that led to it? To the century-long economic slavery that followed that war? To the racism of our past-a racism that still plagues us today? I think not. And you should not deny the need to look back, review and reverse this mockery of a trial.


     Take action, Mr. President. Release immediately the three remaining imprisoned members of the Cuban Five. Admit publicly the gross injustice done to all of them and elaborate the reasons. Apologize to the Cuban people and to our citizens and, most of all, to the Cuban Five and their families. Listen to "the better angels of our nature" and put the United States back on the side of justice.



     Very Respectfully,


     Lawrence B. Wilkerson

     Colonel, US Army (Retired)

November 5th for the Cuban 5

Remember: On Wednesday November 5th, call Obama and demand the freedom of the Cuban 5


By phone:
202-456-1111  (If nobody answers the phone leave a message)

If calling from outside the United States, dial first the International Area Code
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To send an e-mail: president@whitehouse.gov

To send a letter:
President Barack Obama
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To learn more about the Cuban 5 visit: www.thecuban5.org

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New York, Saturday Oct. 25, 2014: U.S.-Cuba Relations and the Case of the Cuban Five



Date: Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014
Time: Reception 6-7 pm, Program 7-9 pm
Location: John Jay College of Criminal Justice,  
L63 Lecture Hall.

Take A,C,D,1 Train to 59th St./Columbus Circle stop, walk to 524 W. 59th St. to main entrance

Food, drinks, meet and greet the speakers, and listen to cultural performances during the reception, following by the program, featuring: 
  • Martin Garbus, Lead attorney for the Cuban Five
  • Rudolfo Reyes, Cuban Ambassador to the U.N.
  • Estela Vazquez, Executive VP, 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East
  • Professor Luis Barrios, Dept. of Latin America Latina/o Studies
  • Yusef Salaam and Raymond Santana, Central Park 5 frame-up victims
  • Juanita Young and Iris Baez, long-time leaders in fight against police brutality in NYC
  • Claudia Mendoza, John Jay Student, People Power Movement

Sponsored by OCTOBER 25 FREE THE FIVE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: 1199SEIU Caribbean and Latin America Democracy Committee, Alberto Lovera Bolivarian Circle, All-African People's Revolutionary Party, Alternativo Revolucionaria, ANSWER, BAYAN, Black Agenda Report, Brecht Forum, Casa de las Americas, Communist Party USA, Cuba Solidarity New York, Frente Socialista de Puerto Rico, El Frente Amplio Dominicano, Fuerza de la Revolucion, Harlem Tenants Council, IFCO/Pastors for Peace, Jane Franklin, International Action Center, International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5, Jericho Movement, Joan Gibbs, July 26 Coalition, La Pena, Leslie Cagan, Margaret Gilpin, Michael Tarif Warren, Mickey Melendez, National Committee to Free the Cuban Five, National Lawyers Guild, National Network on Cuba, Nellie Bailey, Partido Nacionalista de Puerto Rico - Junta de Nuevo York, Party for Socialism and Liberation, People Power Movement, People's Organization for Progress, Philippine Forum, Popular Education, Project to Free the Cuban Five, ProLibertad, Rosemari Mealy, Sam Anderson, Sisa Pakari Labor Center, Socialist Action, Socialist Workers Party, Venceremos Brigade, WBAI "Cuba In Focus", Workers World Party.

For more information: 917-887-8710

New Publication of the Report of the International Commission of Inquiry

"This report will help impress upon the US authorities that legal opinion amongst some of the world's most distinguished judges considers that the only just resolution of our case is for a complete and unconditional release of our three brothers remaining in prison." Rene González

The report of the proceedings of the International Commission of Inquiry into the case of the Cuban (Miami) Five, held at the Law Society in London in March 2014, is now available in a new publication.

The two Commission Coordinators, Sara Chandler, chair of the Law Society Human Rights Committee and leading barrister Elizabeth Woodcraft launched the report at a packed meeting at the House of Commons in London on 10 September, hosted by Member of Parliament Jeremy Corbyn and Baroness Angela Smith.

Olga Salanueva, wife of René González, the featured speaker at the London meeting, recounted the latest visa denial by the British Government banning her husband from entering the country.

In a 44-page magazine format, written in English and Spanish, the outstanding success of the Commission and its associated events is recorded. It presents the concluding statements of the three presiding judges Yogesh Sabharwal, Zak Yacoob, and Philippe Texier, who, after hearing two days of testimony from witnesses, called upon President Barack Obama to grant "unconditional pardons" to the Five and to release "immediately and unconditionally" the three who remain in prison.

Report and full testimonies of all the witnesses available at the website Voices for the Five which was instrumental in organising the Commission of Inquiry: www.voicesforthefive.com/commission/report/

Please circulate the report to raise awareness around the campaign for justice for the Five.

To learn more about the Cuban 5 visit: www.thecuban5.org

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The Cuban 5 Present at Historic New York Climate Change March 
By Nancy Kohn
Photo: Nancy Kohn
Nearly 400,000 people took to the streets of New York City in the largest Climate March in world history on Sunday, September 21st. The diversity of the crowd and their messages added urgency to the Climate Summit about to take place at the United Nations. A contingent organized by the National Network on Cuba (NNOC) marched in the section called "We Have Solutions" to show people how much we could learn from Cuba if the U.S. government lifted the blockade.

The chance to also introduce environmental activists to the case of the Cuban 5 was taken up by co-chairs and activists from the NNOC, Pastors for Peace, the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 and supporters from Oklahoma, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut. The group distributed nearly 2,000 flyers with the slogan, "Change U.S. Climate toward Cuba!"

The contingent marched just in front of the World Wildlife Fund, which in 2006 designated Cuba as the "only country in the world to have achieved sustainable development." One side of the leaflet described how Cuba has become a world leader in ecological, organic and urban agriculture. The other side explained who the Cuban 5 are and pointed out that besides the economic embargo, the U.S. has also imposed an information blockade that explains why the vast majority of people in the U.S. had never heard about Cuba's agricultural successes or the Cuban Five.

Photo: Banbose Shango
The banners and flyers were met with a combination of curiosity and support. A surprising number of people said they had visited Cuba. One marcher from Nova Scotia took a flyer and said he knew all about the Five because his book group had just discussed Stephen Kimber's awarding winning book "What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five."

U.S. activists in solidarity with Cuba were able to bring to this historic march the example of Cuba which has created an alternative model of development that places ecology and humanity at its core. In addition, they were able to publicize the case of the Cuban 5 that has become the most important issue for normalizing U.S.-Cuba relations.
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