From Cuba to all our friends that are part of the Network In Defense of Humanity


キューバから「人権を守るネットワーク(Network In Defense of Humanity)」の友人の皆さんへ


Our people have been living very intense days of joy with the return of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio, and the steps that announced the re-establishment of relations with the US. This joy is shared by countless artists, intellectuals and social activists linked to the Network In Defense of Humanity worldwide who have battled relentlessly for the release of the Five, and the end of the inhuman US persecution that we have suffered for over five decades. No action has been taken in vain.

This was the result of a collective mobilization and the loyalty, perseverance and love without limits of people from all latitudes. Without the solidarity of these friends the victories we celebrate today would not have been possible.





The same way Fidel did not abandoned the expeditionary of the Granma yacht when he fell into the sea during their journey - as Antonio Guerrero mention- ¨at this time of joy we are proud of the firm and notorious will of our government that never put aside the fate of these five compatriots¨, two of whom had returned before the agreement between Cuba and the United States.

五人の一人、アントニオ・ ヘレロも言っていますが、フィデル・カストロはグランマ号に乗りキューバへ航海中に海に投げ出されるということもありましたが、航海を諦めませんでした。同じ様に、この歓喜の時に我々は、五人の愛国者(二人は今回のキューバ・米の合意の前に帰還していましたが)の運命を決して投げ出すことがなかったキューバ政府の断固とした意志を誇らしく思います。



Despite these achievements and the steps that could be taken to normalize relations, as expressed last December 20th in the National Assembly of People's Power by President Raul Castro, the essential needs to be resolve left unresolved "an end the economic, commercial and financial embargo against Cuba, "which he stress, " it will be a long and difficult struggle¨ where international support will continue to play an important role.





In these days of joy and victory, we reiterate the gratitude of the Cuban people to the brothers and sisters of the Network in Defense of Humanity with the conviction that we will continue united in this and other battles for the independence, sovereignty, peace, justice and freedom for all the peoples of the world and also for the people that suffer unjust sentences in any prison in the planet.





Network in Defense of Humanity in Cuba

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