International Committee for the Freedom
of the Cuban 5

Ramón Labañino transferred to Kentucky

After a long journey that led him to be more than 2 months without his personal belongings, 21 days in different maximum solitary isolation cells - "the hole" - both in Miami and in Atlanta, with only his prisoner uniform and a blanket, without any consideration for the low temperatures, prevented from being visited by his lawyer, suffering extreme hardship to receive visits from his relatives who could only see him 3 times out of 8 possibilities to visit. Being forced to travel long distances from one prison to another, brutally handcuffed with the black box, causing damage to his wrists, now finally Ramon has arrived at a low security prison in Kentucky where he must continue his unjust sentence of 30 years.

From now on send Ramón letters to the following address.

Remember that after 14 years of violations the U.S. still prevents him from receiving letters in his name.

To write to Ramón write on the envelope the following:

REG. # 58734-004
FCI Ashland
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 6001
Ashland KY, 41105
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