ウエブ・サイト http://www.porcuba.org/には、人道擁護ネットワークのキューバ支部によって、知識人、芸術家による声明が掲載されており、こうした許しがたい悪意に満ちた反キューバキャンペーンを断固拒否しています。長年にわたって非常に困難な状況の中で我々に対して連帯の手を差し伸べてくれた同胞の皆さんに、同サイトで、この声明への署名を呼びかけます。




上記のウェッブサイトでの署名が難しい場合は、名前と国名をsolidaridadporcuba@icap.cu まで e-mailでお送りください。ウエッブサイトの管理者に連絡するように致します。




ケニア・セラーノ /ICAP総裁



Forwarded by Hiroaki Suzuki <KYR02203@nifty.com>

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 From:    "Vicepresidencia Asia-Africa ICAP" <viceafrica_asia@icap.cu>

 To:      <KYR02203@nifty.com>

 Date:    Wed, 7 Apr 2010 16:07:02 -0500

 Subject: Message from ICAP. Cuba



Dear Friend,


Like during the worst moments of international imperialist aggressiveness against Cuba,

a campaign of infamy and discredit has been unleashed against our Revolution,

which is the Revolution of all honorable human beings, those of us who are fighting for

independence, self-determination and respect for the genuine human rights of all women

 and men in the world. Following behind the fallacies of imperialism's hirelings, retrograde

 European voices have joined in, going so far as to impose a slanderous anti-Cuban

declaration in the European Parliament.


We urgently need our friends in every corner of the planet to speak out against this

escalation in the media. This is the time for solidarity with the Cuban people, attacked

 and blockaded for half a century, with their children and with the thousands who have

 fallen in their long history of struggle.


On the website www.porcuba.org, a statement by intellectual and artists has been posted,

 via the Cuban chapter of the In Defense of Humanity Network, repudiating these vile

 maneuvers. We are asking our friends, the same ones who have demonstrated to us

 their irreducible solidarity for so many years in the most difficult of circumstances, that

they sign this statement via this same web page.


Some friends have thought that we were asking only for the signatures of prominent

cultural figures and have not added their own names. The statement and its concepts

are open for the support of all. We hope that all members of the vast movement in solidarity

 with Cuba will sign it as soon as possible. It is in that sense that we need your personal help,

 in signing and in mobilizing all friends in solidarity to do the same.



If you have any difficulties in signing through the above mentioned web page,

you may send your name and country to the email address solidaridadporcuba@icap.cu.

We will ensure that it gets to the website's editors.




Kenia Serrano Puig




Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples.